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Realizing the packaging artwork is a highly critical operation with heavy GMP and regulatory implications.

Generally this activity is carried out within the pharmaceutical company which has developed structures and competences in need of continuous updating following the evolution of the specific regulations.

Realization of the advertisement material (visual, technical leaflets, brochures, etc.) is defined by the Italian Legislative Decree 219 of 24 April 2006. This activity requires technical and creative ability for the visual elaboration and at the same time regulatory knowledge which allows the preparation of normative-compliant material.

These activities, in the light of the changes happening in the sector, are subject to reorganization with externalization of the services not representing the core business of the company.

The solid experience of Pharma D&S in the GMP and regulatory sector and the presence of a graphics department allow the society to propose itself as a partner of pharmaceutical companies in the preparation of artwork and advertising material, fulfilling the need of the companies to outsource some sectors in order to reduce the fixed structural costs.

Pharma D&S services for the pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharma D&S develops packaging material Artwork:

The print development activity takes place following the customer's graphical indication defined in the “reference layout” which the customer sends to Pharma D&S in electronic format (.pdf or file format to be defined).

Texts to be inserted into the artwork are sent to Pharma D&S in their final version and in electronic format (.doc).

Following these indications Pharma D&S develops the Artwork after standard and lay-outs provided by the customer.

The Artwork draft prepared by the Pharma D&S designer is verified by technical Pharma D&S personnel with a degree in pharmaceutical field, and subsequently transmitted to the customer for approval.

Development of leaflet and insertion into Farmarete:

Pharma D&S develops leaflet following work modalities defined in the procedures, makes the conformity control of the content with respect to the sworn translation in German language. All the activities are recorded in a purpose-made registry according to what is defined in the technical capitulate between the customer and Pharma D&S. Pharma D&S can make the insertion of the leaflet into Farmarete, delivering the customer from all the operative activities.

Realization of Italian-German / Italian-French / Italian-Other Language / Sworn Translations:

Pharma D&S carries out translations employing graduate technicians mother tongue with experience in the pharmaceutical sector.

Pharma D&S carries out sworn translations and provides the customer with the translated and averred documentation in original.


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